Grace Church in the Time of Covid: Late February, 2021

Father Robert’s personality was not designed for seclusion in a home office or endless online meetings. And his sermons on the church’s Sunday streaming service were dismal. He was a face to face guy with bad eyesight and wasn’t able to adjust his delivery in response to the reactions of what he called his computerContinue reading “Grace Church in the Time of Covid: Late February, 2021”

Grace Church in the Time of Covid

Late Spring, 2021: It was time for the first indoor service at Grace Church, Seattle since the Covid shutdown. The price of admission was a mask worn correctly over the nose and under the chin. The stay at homes still had the choice to watch via social media Fr. Robert told Lester to block offContinue reading “Grace Church in the Time of Covid”

Save the Date: December 8, 2020

On a frosty winter morning next month, my mystery Death on Sacred Ground is going live in paperback and Kindle. Repeat readers will be familiar with the cover art featuring traditional church architecture. The title is in bright red, which pleases me. I’m looking forward to meeting readers on Zoom and other online venues, alsoContinue reading “Save the Date: December 8, 2020”

Thoughts While Waiting

My third mystery, Death on Sacred Ground, will be published sometime in 2020, so while waiting, I’m tweaking my marketing plan and adding posts like this one to my new website, Cozy Mysteries and Genre Fiction: I wasn’t familiar with the term genre fiction when Camel Press accepted my manuscript for Death in theContinue reading “Thoughts While Waiting”

Someone’s Callin’, Lord

How I’ve incorporated digital technology into my writing I finished my first Grace Church mystery, Death in the Memorial Garden, in 2111, just before smart phones reached the masses.  But I enjoyed inserting email exchanges into the manuscript.  The memo format nicely separated long blocks of text and allowed me to exaggerate the sender’s quirks.Continue reading “Someone’s Callin’, Lord”

A Day in the Life of Rev. Robert Vickers

*originally published on Dru’s Book Musings Occupation: Rector of Grace Church, Seattle As a book lover, I tend to give titles to significant events. For instance, the Sunday I forgot my sermon text and had to improvise on the theme of the Holy Trinity, is titled The Naked and the Dead. You’ll understand in aContinue reading “A Day in the Life of Rev. Robert Vickers”