A Day in the Life of Rev. Robert Vickers

*originally published on Dru’s Book Musings

Occupation: Rector of Grace Church, Seattle

As a book lover, I tend to give titles to significant events. For instance, the Sunday I forgot my sermon text and had to improvise on the theme of the Holy Trinity, is titled The Naked and the Dead. You’ll understand in a moment why after the fact I titled the incident that occurred in my office last year as The Beginning of the End.

“Father, a minute of your time?” Adele Evans stood in the doorway wearing a maroon version of the pants suit that is her usual uniform. She was helping in the office today, one of the many volunteer services she provided.

I’d been enjoying a sardine sandwich and listening to the noon news. My mouth was full, so I motioned her in. It wouldn’t do to turn her away. She walked to an armchair across the room. Swallowing the last morsel of sandwich, I removed my feet from the desk and joined her.

Read the full excerpt at Dru’s Book Musings here

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