The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #6

On day whatever of having to isolate due to Coronovirus, Father Robert is standing on his and Molly’s upper deck and greet the people using the public trail below. The trail starts at a nearby thoroughfare and ends up near a beach at Lake Washington. As needed, he reminds the walkers to increase their socialContinue reading “The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #6”

The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #5

It’s Friday, and Fr Robert is planning his second online Sunday service. He received many comments on his first attempt, ranging from “Loved hearing the stream pipes rattle as usual,” to “Why do you have the heat on when it’s only you there,” and “Loved being able to drink coffee during the service.“ Reverend CatherineContinue reading “The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #5”

The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #4

Another day of Grace Church characters responding to Coronovirus: Formerly homeless Lester, now the church caretaker, has received Father Robert’s permission to house some homeless friends in the spare rooms at the Old Rectory. Robert knows that without his friends to watch over, Lester will be back on the streets and likely coming down withContinue reading “The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #4”

The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #3

Third day of posting from my fictional Grace Church during the coronavirus crisis. Parish tech whiz Arlis, accompanied by cat companion Voltaire has set up a venue for Fr. Robert to conduct online services. He hates the idea, and would rather reach out by phone call only, but can’t overcome pressure by his assistant Rev.Continue reading “The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #3”

The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #2

Day two of goings on at Grace Church during Coronavirus shutdown. Computer whiz Arlis is staffing the church office, and has set up a Zoom account so the extroverted Fr. Robert can have face time with staff and key parishioners. She’s bringing her cat Voltaire with her to work. Voltaire loves racing up and downContinue reading “The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus: #2”

The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus #1

Have mostly self quarantined. Feeling fine but well into the ‘dangerous‘ years. Anyway, most everything is closed. Walking the hilly Summerland Streets to stay in shape. FYI, my fictional Father Robert has closed Grace Church in response to Seattle‘s situation. All his associates are live-streaming services, but since he’s such a technology klutz, is tellingContinue reading “The Grace Church Response to Coronavirus #1”